A Week In SOCAL – Top 21 Things To Do

There are SOOO many things to do in SOCAL, but I just had a week. I stayed with Sand Pebbles Resort in Solana Beach, California. Our condo was just 20 minutes North of San Diego, so we stayed local for the most part.

  1. Disneyland – How can you go to California and not go to Disneyland?? The food was expensive here just as I imagined. We mostly snacked (the chocolate covered rice crispy treat shaped like Mickey Mouse was delicious btw) and then got In-N-Out on the way back to our condo.
  2. Westfield Horton Plaza, San Diego- This mall was pretty neat looking. It’s has the coolest outdoor mall layout I’ve seen. The stores are limited and it’s beginning to look run down.
  3. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park – Sadly, I didn’t capture any pictures of this area. I loved it so much we went twice. Parking is such a headache here. Luckily we found free parking in the transit parking lot across the street. We went and purchased hot sauce handcrafted in San Diego from the Awesome Hot Sauce store. I also bought handcrafted jewelry from Tienda De Reyes, and we finished our trip to Old Town with La Casa Azul margaritas (Frida Kahlo blanco tequila, prickly pear and house-made sweet & sour) from Casa De Reyes.
  4. Balboa Park, San Diego– Right by the San Diego Zoo. This was a both a beautiful and relaxing scenery.
  5. San Diego Zoo – I’ve been to the Washington DC Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo is definitely larger. This zoo was amazing. From elephants to polar bears. They have sooo many animals. This was my first time seeing a live polar bear. I recommend purchasing a Go City Card for discounted tickets if you’re planning on doing a lot of activities in San Diego.
  6. Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, San Diego – We were to scared to do the OUE Skyslide in LA so this was our attempt of over coming fear of height. It was mostly scary because you could feel the bridge move slightly as you walked across. IMG_0663
  7. Sushi Deli 3 in San Diego – This was actually recommended by our Lyft driver. I love sushi, so I asked her to recommend a place in San Diego. I ended up getting the July Sushi. They have monthly specials which include miso soup and 4 specialty rolls for under $12.  This place was crowded! I tried to take a picture in here, but the lighting was dim.
  8. Donut Bar in San Diego – These donuts were absolutely delicious, and they were reasonably priced. Parking in this area though was kind of a pain.
  9. In-n-Out – There are In-N-Out restaurants everywhere! I mean how can you go to the west coast and not buy In-N-Out? I need this in Virginia…IMG_0575
  10. Find Flaming Hot Cheetos w/ Lime – If you’re from the west coast you wouldn’t understand. We don’t have these on the East Coast!! Sometimes if I’m super lucky I can find these at 7/11 but only on rare occasions. We also don’t have the hot cheeto puffs which I did not get to try.
  11. Egg Slut in Los Angeles – I did not get the EggSlut because I was scared of how messy it sounded, but got a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich instead. It had ketchup which I thought was weird. The food was worth the wait… plus we had driven over an hour specifically to get this breakfast.img_0586.jpg
  12. The Last Bookstore in LA – This bookstore was HUGE. This place had so many hidden rooms. This was actually walking distance from EggSlut.
  13. The Griffith Observatory – THE HOLLYWOOD SIGN!! The views from the observatory were incredible. We decided we would pay for the preferred parking on top, but after circling the area we had to park at the very bottom where parking was free and just pay the shuttle. It was very cheap, but parking at the top was ridiculously crowded.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  14. Museum of Death, LA – This was such a cool experience. Sadly no pictures inside were allowed, but it’s totally understandable. Their goal is to make people be happy to be alive, but making it though all the way and reading about all the serial killers is kind of depressing. I would totally recommend it though. IMG_0597
  15. Birch Aquarium at Scripps – Sea Turtles are my favorite animal. So far all the sea turtles I’ve seen, including the one below, have been missing a limb or two. I recommend buying the Go City Card to save money on admission if you’re planning on doing a lot in San Diego. 
  16. The Cave Store at La Jolla – Tickets were about $5 a person to enter the cave. After descending all of the 145 steps we come to this scenery. It was such a unique experience. IMG_0530
  17. Go Swimming with the Sea Lions, La Jolla Cove – We were so close to the seals and sea lions. We went swimming at La Jolla Cove, so we saw them at approx. 10 feet away. If I wasn’t such a scardy cat, I would’ve tried to get closer. This was just down the street from the Cave Store.
  18. Hollywood Walk of Fame – We didn’t have too much time to spend here, but we found Jennifer Lopez’s, Adam Sandler’s, and Shakira’s star!
  19. Morphe Store – I’m such a makeup fan. I had been wanting a Morphe eyeshadow palette for such a long time, and when I found out it was under 2 hours away from where I was staying in California, I had to go.
  20. See’s Candies – I know these can be found anywhere, but there are so many in California. The closest one near my home in Virginia is over 2 hours away, so I had never been. The California toffee was my favorite.
  21. Watch the Sunset on The Beach – Again, since I’m from Virginia, we don’t get to see the sunset over the ocean. We get to see the sunrise, but I love my sleep too much to wake up early enough. So seeing the sunset on the beach was on my bucket-list.

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