Free Groceries – First AmazonFresh Haul

Did “FREE” get your attention? As a college student, I find it hard to resist anything that is advertised as FREE, so I decided to give AmazonFresh a try. Amazon offers Prime to college students for $49.99 a year. I also have the Amazon Prime Visa Card. As a Prime Card holder, I was offered 15% cash back on any AmazonFresh order through September. AmazonFresh is normally $14.99 a month for college students with AmazonPrime, but Amazon offers a FREE 30 day trial. On top of that using the promo code 25FRESH gets you $25 off your first AmazonFresh order over $100.

My order came out to $79.97 after the promo code. Then I’ll also get 15% cash-back on my Amazon Prime Card.

I was expecting a Amazon van to deliver my groceries, but no. Just a regular woman in a red VW. My cold food arrived well. The unboxing or un-bagging I suppose, was super exciting. My groceries arrived on time and in these well designed, sturdy, and green totes.

I always want to be the first to try things, so when I found out I can have ice cream delivered to my house I did it! Ice cream, ground turkey, some coffee creamer and everything else pictured below. My bread wasn’t smashed nor was my ice cream melted. I’d say this was a successful first online shopping trip!


Will I be ordering from AmazonFresh again? Maybe. Honestly I did not find anything that was cheaper on AmazonFresh compared to Walmart, but was I surprised? No, Walmart’s low prices are hard to beat. One thing I do appreciate is that you don’t have to worry about driving all the way to the grocery store to buy something that might be out of stock. I also want to add that my closest Walmart is 20 minutes away, it is always a clustered mess, and doesn’t have a quarter of the things that I purchased online with Amazon. AmazonFresh is quick and spot on. It’s really up to you if you wanna pay the small difference.

Some of the things I ended up purchasing:

Dunkin’ Donuts Ground Coffee, Chocolate Glazed Donut

I paid $5.99 on sale compared to Target’s price = $7.19

Dave’s Killer Everything Bagels

I paid $5.49 product not available at my local Walmart.

Fresh lb of Strawberries

I paid $2.99 compared to Walmart’s price = $1.99

Ready To Eat Avocado

I paid $1.89 compared to Walmart’s price = $1.50

Bailey’s Mudslide Coffee Creamer,32oz

I paid $3.81 on AmazonFresh this is not available at my local Walmart.

Fresh Mozzarella Log 16oz

I paid $8.99 compared to Walmart’s price = $4.98

(2) Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies

I paid $0.99 each compared to Walmart’s price = $0.98

Halo Top Chocolate Mocha ChipI paid $4.46 this was not available at my local Walmart nor Target

Tostitos Tortilla Chips 18oz 

I paid $3.49 compared to Walmart’s price = $3.48


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