Exploring Harrisonburg, VA – The White Oak Lavender Farm

Just one step into The White Oak Lavender Farm’s gift shop and you’re flooded with lavender scents. This place is hidden gem sitting on Cross Keys Road, but it was worth the drive. They offered a wide selection of lavender items including: bath bombs, lotion, lip balm, essential oils, coffee, and ice cream. I actually found a Groupon for $15 that was valid for up to 4 people and 100 lavender stems. When we arrived, the staff was very kind and explained the whole process to our group. We were all given scissors and let roam the farm in search of the perfect lavender.

Not only did the lavender relax you, but the setting was calm and beautiful as well. You could easily sit in the hammocks for hours enjoying the scenery. I tried the strawberry lavender and lemon lavender ice cream, and I recommend the strawberry lavender ice cream they offer in their gift shop!

Also The Purple Wolf Vineyard right next door has wine tastings, which I’ll have to try next time! This was a perfect way to spend an afternoon.


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