Exploring Charlottesville,VA – I Touched the Butt

I know, I know, you are probably curious as to what butt I touched.

Guess what?

You can touch it too!

IX Art Park is the home of the marvellous butt sculpture pictured below. As adventurous as I am, I decided to check-out the Art Park while I was in Charlottesville. I was slightly disappointed as the park appeared beat up and not in the best condition. I caught a glimpse of a HUGE butt, and I had to go touch it (I’m the biggest Finding Nemo fan). After some research, I found that the butt had been driven all the way from Los Angeles to New Jersey and then to Charlottesville, Virginia. The butt has remained in the same location since 2015.

 Satisfied, I walked across the parking lot to Sweethaus. They have the best cupcakes in Charlottesville. I have the biggest sweet tooth, so believe me, their cupcakes are amazing. My favorites are the Cookie Dough Cupcake, the Everything Cupcake, and the Grasshopper Cupcake (pictured).



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