7 Apps That Save You Money

As a college student, I try to find the cheapest alternative. Searching for promotional codes, cutting coupons and using apps like the ones below are all tips that help me save money.


This app makes earning cash back fun. You can link your account to your Facebook and as a group earn more savings. This app works like cutting coupons…without all the cutting. All you have to do is purchase items featured on the app, scan them and upload the receipt. This app overs rebates at many widely known stores such as Walmart and Target. The cash back adds up quickly and you can easily transfer the balance to your bank account.

Click HERE to download the app and start saving.


This website/app allows you to purchase discounted gift cards. People sell their unwanted gift cards at a usually lower rate than what the gift card is worth. If you combine the saving from a discounted gift card plus cash back from Ebates, you can save a decent amount of money.

Click HERE to sign up or use my referral code ” dbarajas3 ” to get $5 off a gift card.


This website/app is worth your while. It offers discounted vouchers. If you are planning on doing something like going on a date, getting a haircut or even going out to eat, check Groupon first. Sometimes you can find discounted vouchers for activities you were already planning on doing. For example, I have bought discounted tickets to the White Oak Lavender Farm and the International Spy Museum on Groupon.

Click HERE to sign up for Groupon.


This app is a fun one. You get points or “kicks” by having this app open when you enter one of their partnering stores. Stores include Target, Walmart, Best Buy, American Eagle, T.J. Maxx, and Yankee Candle. You also can add up points by scanning barcodes of featured products. The best part is that you can save those points to purchase a gift card. You can choose gift cards like Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon.com, Old Navy, Sephora, or you can choose to donate those points to organizations. These kicks actually add up fast unlike some apps that take forever to accumulate points.

Get 250 free kicks by joining with the code WIN246651 or click HERE to download the app.


This website is amazing. You can shop on both your computer and from the app. When you log onto Ebates, you will see stores listed such as Walmart, Target, Groupon, Sephora, and so much more. You get cash back when you go through Ebates to get to these online stores. For example, you get 1% cash back on all purchases made at Target or Walmart. Different stores offer different amounts of cash back. You can link your account to your PayPal so when you can cash out it’ll directly send you all your cash back or Ebates will send you a check. It sounded sketchy at first, but I’ve gotten so much cash back from this. I 100% recommend this app if you do online shopping at all.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


I love Target. It’s never crowded like Walmart. The prices are slightly higher but having my Target Redcard that saves me 5% off on all purchases, I don’t see the difference. I can I sip on Starbucks while I forget all the stuff I came to Target for and end up in the makeup section. Cartwheel is a Target savings app. You simply download the app and browse the different offers. You can sort the offers by highest discount percentage. I add what interests me most to my list and head to check out for the saving. My savings since 2014 are $265. My favorite is when Cartwheel offers 20% off Starbucks frappuccinos.

Checkout 51

This app is very similar to Ibotta. Like Ibotta, this app works like coupons. You just submit the receipt and wait for the cash back to appear. This app offers fewer rebates, so cash back does take longer to accumulate. Once you accumulate $20 of cash back, you can request a check. untitled (1)


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