Virginia State Fair – Food Guide

As a child, trips to the fair meant eating funnel cake and riding roller coasters. Taking a trip to the Virginia State Fair means new tasty treats. Luckily, both my boyfriend and I are foodies. We were not adventurous enough to try some of this year’s foods including Swift Concessions’ peanut butter bacon dog with spicy jelly. Even though I’m not adventurous enough for certain foods, I wish that the Virginia State Fair had crazy foods like fried bubblegum; speaking of which, I really need to go to the Texas State Fair.


Oreo Funnel Cake –

I couldn’t leave the fair without getting a funnel cake. This was good, but I imagined it would have been more chocolatey. I wish they would sell a smaller size. I ALWAYS want a funnel cake, but it is impossible for me to finish. Next time I’ll try the pumpkin funnel cake!


Blue Raspberry Sweet Tea –

Blue raspberry anything is delicious. This tea was a win, especially since it was $6.00 for this mason jar and a free refill.


Unicorn Popcorn –

I love the unicorn fad. Unlike Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappucino, I actually really enjoyed this popcorn. Candy-coated with marshmallows? Yes, please!!


Loaded Pulled Pork Nachos –

I was pretty annoyed at this one actually. This would have been better on top of french fries. First of all, the nacho cheese was cold! The lettuce and tomato didn’t really suit the barbeque. I also did not like the presentation. I understand that fair food isn’t the most presentable, but I felt like I was eating out of a dog bowl. If I could un-order this, I would.

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