Give Hope – Donate Your Hair

12″ gone.

That’s right, I cut off 12″ of hair off my head. You can gift women battling cancer, not only your lovely locks of hair, but you can give them hope.

Before you donate your lovely locks of hair, it’s best to do some research. Find out where your hair is going to end up. Most organizations make wigs for children.

Locks of Love has a bad reputation of not using most of the hair donated to them. They claim that up to 80% of the hair donations are unusable and that it takes 6-10 donations to make a wig, so I decided to donate with Pantene.

This is actually my third time donating my hair. When I first donated, I donated my hair to Locks of Love. The second time and third time I donated, I donated to Pantene. That’s is over 30 inches of hair donated in the past approximately 6 years!

You can also help by donating 8 inches or $8 to Pantene.


If you would like to donate, here are some tips from Pantene Beautiful Lengths.


  • Use a conditioner after washing your hair to help keep hair moisturized and protected against damage.
  • Use leave-in conditioner for extra protection when using heated hair appliances.
  • Avoid excessive teasing of hair, it can uplift cuticles, making them fragile and susceptible to breakage.
  • Use deep-conditioning treatments once a week, or as often as needed, to help minimize split ends and keep hair in good condition.


  • Use a brush on wet hair when you step out of the shower instead use a comb with smooth, wide-set teeth to gently detangle hair.
  • Attempt to blow-dry soaking wet hair immediately instead try towel-wrapping your hair for 10-15 minutes to remove excess water before using a blow-dryer.
  • Overbrushing your hair can lead to breakage. Regular, gentle brushing promotes hair health and natural oil distribution.
  • Wait more than eight weeks to get hair trimmed; regular salon visits are essential to keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

Getting ready to donate:

  1. Clean, shampoo, and/or condition hair, without any styling, hairspray, or additional hair products.
  2. Gather hair at the nape of the neck.
  3. Create a ponytail with an elastic band. Make sure the band is tight around the hair to keep the hair together after cutting. If it comes out of the band, it won’t be included in the donation. A second hair band can be placed around the middle of the ponytail to keep the hair together.
  4. Ensure that the elastic band is just below where you want to cut your hair.
  5. Measure the length of the ponytail from the elastic band to the tips, making sure it’s at least 8 inches long. Donations shorter than 8 inches will not be used because this is too short for making a wig. If your hair is not 8 inches, continue growing it out. There is no maximum length requirement.
  6. Cut the hair just above the elastic band so that the elastic band remains on the ponytail after cutting and keeps cut hair together. Do not wash or style the ponytail in any way after it has been cut off
  7. Place the ponytail, kept intact with the elastic band, in a zipper-lock bag and seal tightly. Please ensure that the ponytail is completely dry before sending.
  8. Place the plastic bag with the ponytail in a padded or plastic envelope and send to:
    Pantene Beautiful Lengths
    Attn: 192-123
    806 SE 18th Ave.
    Grand Rapids, MN 55744
  9. If you would like to know when your donation is received, please include your full name and return address with your hair donation.Please ensure that the ponytail is completely dry before sending.

Cutting off over 12″ of hair is a drastic difference. As soon as I cut it off I thought to myself. Oh no, what did I do? While I was left alone to let the deep conditioner work, I had to tell myself it’d be okay. I’ll have to style it differently, but I’ll make my newly cut bob work. I’ve cut over 10″ before, but for some reason, I was freaking out over this new haircut… Okay, I already miss my hair.



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