Let’s Go To Applebee’s – $1 Margaritas

As a cheap college student, I couldn’t resist dollar margaritas. I headed over to Applebee’s to try them for myself. Obviously, you’d imagine that they’d be watered down or that they would not be great quality. Again, cheap and free are my favorite words. Before I ordered my drinks, I asked the waitress first off that the one dollar margaritas(dollaritas) were legit, and secondly, I asked if they were all the margaritas on the menu. Sadly, you could not order any margarita off the menu. I’d be careful when you start ordering drinks to make sure you are ordering the $1 margaritas instead of the regular priced margaritas. The house margaritas weren’t strong nor big. I ended up drinking 2 margaritas with my meal, which was actually cheaper than getting soda!! I combined this awesome deal with their 2 for $20. Sooo, 1 appetizer, 2 dinner entrees, and 3 margaritas for under $25. I don’t know about you, but I will be going to Applebee’s for date night more often.

I think they were definitely worth it. They weren’t the best margaritas I’ve ever had, but they were the best margaritas I’ve ever had for $1. I completely recommend you go out and try these for yourself. Applebee’s will be offering the $1 margaritas for all of October!


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