Testing Tampons

We all like to be aware of what we are consuming. Our food packaging comes with a list of ingredients, nutrition facts, serving size, vitamins and minerals and nutrients. Whether we actually read the ingredients is up to us, the consumers.

What I’m trying to get to is…. Do you know what is in a tampon?

I don’t, well I didn’t. Is that not important knowledge? You are putting it in your body for hours at a time.  Watching YouTube videos of Playtex tampons compared to organic cotton tampons, lead me to try LOLA tampons. The 2 women that started the company know how awkward it can be when you are in a rush to get a box of tampons. More than once, I have added random items in order try and hide my tampon purchase. I signed up for a LOLA subscription. You get to choose whether you want all light, regular or heavy flow tampons. You can even choose how many of each at no extra charge. For $10, you get an 18 count box of tampons delivered to your door. You can choose to get a monthly delivery or bi-monthly. Also, the packaging is insanely adorable, I mean look at the tampon piñata!  Get your own LOLA subscription, use my referral code: DBARAJAS1 for $5 off your first order. DSC_1142

I decided to test out a couple of brands. From left to right, U by Kotex Click, Tampax Pocket Pearl, Playtex Sport, and Lola. They were all “regular” sized. I was surprised that the Playtex tampon was so small compared to the other tampons.


Kotex absorbed 15 mL

Tampax absorbed 22 mL

Playtex absorbed 29 mL

Lola absorbed 29 mL

After swishing around the tampons in the 100mL of water, Playtex was the worst tampon for loose fibers. I was disgusted at the outcome.


Tampax was the second worst tampon for loose fibers. As you can see below, there are loose fibers, but not nearly as much as the Playtex tampons.


Playtex and Lola tampons won the absorbency test, but Kotex and Lola won the loose fiber test as they didn’t have any noticeable loose fibers. In the end, Lola tampons absorbed just as much as the Playtex tampons but had almost no loose fibers. I am sticking to organic cotton tampons from now on.



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