Finding The Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkin time!! Fall is my absolute favorite season. It’s sad that Virginia weather isn’t very cooperating. I can’t stand how it goes from 85-degrees to 59-degree weather. Carving pumpkins is my favorite thing about Halloween.

Whether you purchase pumpkins from your local grocery store or from a pumpkin patch, you need to find the perfect pumpkin. It can’t be too small, not too big to carry. It can’t be too tall nor too wide. You also don’t want your pumpkins to dimpled.


I decided to visit the Meyers Pumpkin Patch for my pumpkins. I was on the search for perfect pumpkins for carving jack o’lanterns. There was soo many pumpkins to choose from. I went for a pumpkin medium-sized that was as round as possible. You don’t want a pumpkin too big, otherwise, you won’t be able to carry it home! Another perk of going to the pumpkin patch is the corn maze. We got stuck in the maze for a good twenty minutes, but it was such a fun experience. If you are picky about your pumpkins, I suggest you go to a pumpkin patch over going to the grocery store for a wider selection!


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