Washington DC Guide

I consider myself lucky to be 2 hours away from our county’s capital. It is impossible to see all the museums and memorials in one day. I see something different every time I go. My advice, plan your day. If there are museum or memorials you are really wanting to see, make sure you go to those first. DC’s traffic is not fun so you will be walking a lot (make sure you bring comfortable shoes). Also, note that parking is expensive and you cannot park off the street during certain hours. Learn from my mistake, and read all the street signs to prevent any parking tickets.

I got to visit my 2 favorite president’s memorials. Franklin Roosevelt, Abe Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. were on my list for this trip. I also planned time to visit the International Spy Museum.

If you have several days, I recommend visiting the White House. There are so many memorials worth seeing, including, the Martin Luther King Jr memorial, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the WWII memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. My favorite museums are the National Air and Space Museum & the Natural History Museum. The National Zoo is a day trip all on its own.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s Memorial


The View From Lincoln’s Memorial.


Selfie With My Favorite President.
The International Spy Museum





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