What $100 Worth of Makeup Looks Like Haul

I think it’s interesting to see how much makeup you can buy for $100. This is mostly NYX haul, but I also wanted to show my entire haul. So I ran out of my NYX total control drop foundation, which I liked, but I’ve been meaning to try the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Ulta had sent me a 20% off coupon on any item, so I purchased the Too Faced foundation for $34. Makeup is expensive, I know!

NYX had also sent me an anniversary reward which expired October 31 so I combined that with the free shipping on purchases over $25. Plus they were offering a free highlighter with purchases of $25 or more. My whole NYX haul came out to $29 with coupons and sales. The lip liners were on sale for $2.80!!


I also wanted to try out face powder because I occasionally have an oily face. I decided on this Airspun powder, and I love it! It has an older lady smell, but the product does its job and sets your makeup in place. I was even able to make my Colourpop Satin Lipsticks matte with this powder.

NYX and Colourpop are my ultimate favorite lipstick brands. They’re super affordable and high in quality. I picked up Cannes, Abu Dhabi and Berlin in a Matte Lip Cream (pictured left to right). They are super creamy and I was pleased to see the lip liners matched them quite well.

I am the worst when it comes to shopping. Once I purchased all those lipsticks, I was like “Oh, now I need something to exfoliate my lips.” I searched online and found this Honey Lip Scrub from Sephora. It was only $6 so I added it to my cart. I love how it smells and it definitely exfoliates your lips. This is something I will be buying again.


I was actually shocked that I liked this highlighter especially because it was free with my purchase. It’s light and subtle, I like to apply this with the NYX beauty blender.


The original total came out to around $90, but after coupons, I paid about $76. I’m glad I went with the Too Faced Foundation, as it doesn’t leave my face oily. What’s your favorite foundation?


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