Trying Japanese Kit-Kats

I decided to purchase a few Japanese Kit-Kats. I purchased mine from Amazon. I picked out the green tea Kit-Kats and the mint Kit-Kats. The Premium Mint Kit-Kats were $5.49 and the Matcha Green Tea Kit-Kats were $4.80. They both offered free shipping through Amazon. They both took about a month to arrive since they both came from Japan.

They both had cute packaging, and I noticed that the calories of each snack-sized treat were clearly marked. The green tea flavored Kit-Kat tasted just like matcha, and the mint flavor tasted strangely like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I will definitely be ordering the mint flavored Kit-Kat again. Next time, I will have to try their strawberry cheesecake flavored Kit-Kat!


I just wish that the United States sold these at our local Walmart, but for now, I’ll just order them from Amazon!



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