How I End The School Semester

With finals out of the way, I can start to relax. The last few weeks of school are stressfully busy. I don’t know about you, but I am most definitely NOT a minimalist. I admire minimalists, but I cling to things. I have a box of ticket stubs in my room because it feels like throwing away memories. Anyway, the first thing I do after a semester is cleansing. I feel the need to deep clean both my room and car since I hadn’t had time to clean during the hectic schedule I had been keeping. Relaxing is a billion times easier with a clean ambiance.

Total relaxation, however, doesn’t occur until the holidays are over. Christmas is my second favorite holiday. I love shopping, wrapping and giving gifts. After the stress of finals and the stress of having everything prepared for the holidays, then you can relax for a little bit until it starts all over again.


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