New Year’s Resolution: No Makeup Monday

I normally don’t have New Year’s resolutions, but I wanted to switch this up. This Winter has been cold and dry. Just like others, I occasionally deal with flaky skin. I’m tired of putting foundation on and washing it off immediately because my forehead and nose are flaky. That is also why I have stayed away from matte liquid lipsticks this season, which is a bummer because I have a whole drawer full waiting to be used.

Below are the skincare items I have currently been using.


My New Year’s resolution is to have a day off from makeup every week and to take better care of my skin. One of my top priorities is to find a new moisturizer because honestly, I don’t have one. Along with a good moisturizer, I need to find a product for my chapped lips. I’m tired of reapplying the same Baby Lips by Maybelline twenty times a day because it seems to do nothing for my parched lips.

I have two favorite exfoliating masks. Freeman’s masks are very reasonably priced. I believe I purchased the one pictured below for under $5. Another of my favorites include Cup O’Coffee by Lush. Since Lush is expensive, I use it sparingly.


I have been using makeup wipes to “wash” my face, but they aren’t thorough and dry out my face. Both cleansers were picked up at my local Target, and they smell delicious!


To wrap this up, this year I will avoid going to sleep without washing off my makeup and applying a moisturizer. I am not proud of the number of times I have gone to bed with foundation and mascara still on my face. Speaking of which, I should probably go was my pillow cases now…

What are your favorite skincare products?


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