Lime Crime Haul – Aquarium Makeup Brushes Review

I have been dying to get my hands on these gorgeous brushes. I just want to thank my wonderful boyfriend for purchasing my first Lime Crime products. I picked up the Aquarium makeup brushes and a liquid lipstick in the shade PumpkinGet $5 off your first purchase!






To be quite honest, the brushes I usually purchase are $7 brush sets from the Wish app, so these are my first legit makeup brushes. I’m not entirely sure if I want to use these yet. I’ll just sit back and admire them for a bit longer.

If you know me you know and understand that glitter is my favorite thing in the world. This brush set has the most beautiful, heart-shaped, holographic, glitter inside the handles! I could play with them all day. The brush part is a lovely lilac and pink. I love that they put their unicorn emblem on the bottom of the handles as if they needed to be any cuter. A majority of Lime Crime’s products are vegan, including this set. The brush set is a little pricey, retailing at $58, but if they’re worth it if they’re put to good use. The Aquarium makeup brushes will definitely make you feel more like a mermaid!


The liquid lipstick I purchased in the shade Pumpkin was advertised as a brick red, but it truly is a pumpkin color. It’s a Matte Velvetine that will last hours. Matte Velvetines are normally retailed for $20 a lipstick, but during their holiday sale, I was able to get it for $10.


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