Target Beauty Clearance Finds – Comparing Moisturizers

I love walking into Target to find a ton of clearance items. If you read my New Year’s resolution post, I’m sure you’d be happy to hear that I believe to have found a new moisturizer! I actually had a full basket, but I was able to eliminate a handful of products because I don’t need more nail polishes! In my mind, I often convince myself that I’m saving money when purchasing clearance items, but the truth is that I’m doing the opposite because I wouldn’t have purchased them if they weren’t on clearance…


I absolutely fell in love with the Olay Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream. This product is not greasy, and light. I put it on right after washing my face and before applying any makeup. I’m sad that they didn’t have any full-sized jars on clearance, but both the products I purchased below were 50% off. I have trouble finding moisturizers that don’t break out my skin, so I was surprised that this one worked well with my skin. It makes my face feel refreshed, and I honestly think this smells like heaven! I am most definitely going to purchase another jar of the Olay Luminous moisturizer.


I also picked up L’Oreal’s Age Perfect day cream moisturizer. This was 70% off, so I figured it was worth trying out. Before I go on further I wanted to mention that I am 21, so I’m not entirely sure if this is the right product for me. I tried this after I tried the Olay Luminous cream which had already won me over. This moisturizer feels thicker in consistency. Due to its thickness, it is slightly greasy. The scent is stronger and a bit overwhelming. I most likely will not be repurchasing this product.


I love scrubs so I was quite pleased to find the Alba Hawaiian Detox Frothy Scrub on clearance. Target also has a handful of false lashes on clearance right now. I decided to try the Eylure Vegas Nay lashes.


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