The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present

If you haven’t heard of LoveBook, I suggest you check it out. The website allows you to custom make a book for your loved one. They make the process super simple and easy to follow.

You start off by creating your characters, so for example, I made myself and my boyfriend. I actually gave my boyfriend this book last year, and he loved it. You also choose a front cover which you can include your name in.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.24.33 PM

Once your characters are completed, you can add pages. These pages are just a few of the pre-made pages available. There is a 20-page minimum, but you can add however many pages you wish. Once you have added all the pages you want, you can rearrange the order they are in and preview the book.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.27.20 PM

LoveBook also allows you to alter pages. This feature makes them even more personalized. You can change the text, or you’re given the option to add extra objects or characters.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 8.28.02 PM


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