5 Best Wines Under $10


Being a new wine drinker and being budget conscious, I have been on the hunt for an affordable and delicious Moscato. I had heard that Aldi’s had a wine that was under $3 and I had to try it for myself.  My nearest Aldi’s is actually about an hour away, but I decided to make the drive so I could give the wine a shot. I had actually never been in an Aldi store before, and I honestly didn’t know whether to believe that the $3 wine existed. As a 21-year-old, I have only tasted Moscatos, so I reached for their Winking Owl Moscato priced at $2.89! That price is insane! My mind is still boggled that a Starbucks drink costs more than this bottle of wine.

If you are not familiar with wines, Moscato wine is sweet. If you don’t enjoy sweet wine, these are definitely not for you.

Anyway, I’ll list a few of my favorites below.

1.) Winking Owl Moscato ($2.89):

Obviously, I am not a professional wine taster, but I did enjoy this wine. It was sweet and better than some $15 wines I have tried in the past. I simply regret not buying another bottle. It’s sweet and light-bodied with hints of peach. I mean, who would say no to $3 wine!?

2.) Arbor Mist Moscato ($4.99):

I think this is actually my favorite of the 7 wines listed. Obviously, it’s a sweet wine like I mentioned before, but I think it’s a good balance. I have tried their peach Moscato and their Mango Strawberry Moscato.

3.) Arbor Mist Arborita ($5.99): 

This doesn’t count as wine…but it’s cheap alcohol. It’s considered a margarita, I suppose. I had the Strawberry Arborita, and I thought it was pretty good!

4.) Yellow Tail Moscato ($6.00):

If you’ve tried Barefoot Moscato, this is very similar. I actually prefer the taste of this one. I would say this is slightly sweeter.


5.) The Naked Grape Moscato ($7.99):

This was one of my first wines. I really enjoyed the sweetness, and smoothness of the wine!


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