What Happened When I Microwaved My Beauty Blender

I ran across this trend on Twitter. This is supposed to be a hack to clean your beauty blender in minutes. I’m all for makeup tips and hack, so I decided to test this out for you guys.

Supposedly, you place your dirty beauty blenders in a soapy water mixture and then microwave them for a minute. You must remember to add water! Don’t justs place your dirty beauty blender in the microwave and hope it cleans itself! It will burn/melt… not good.

I’d say excuse my dirty beauty blenders, but they’re the whole reason behind this post! I took both my beauty blenders, which were very dirty and my favorite Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap mixed with water in a measuring cup. I microwaved them for a minute, and then wrung the dirt out of them when they were done. That didn’t seem to do the trick, so I microwaved this again wrung them out again. As you can see by the last picture, the beauty blenders look slightly cleaner.

I was actually disappointed by the results! I do not think this was a success. This might work if you do this multiple times, which would defeat the hack, so I will not be using this method to wash my beauty blenders.



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