I am sure you have heard about these foundations. What you might not know is how they compare to each other. I purchased the Pro-Matte foundation a while ago because of all the great reviews, and I just recently purchased the Pro-Glow foundation. The differences are actually quite drastic. Before I get into more detail, as you can see I purchased the Infallible Pro-Matte in 103 Natural Buff and the Infallible Pro-Glow in 202 Creamy Natural. I also wanted to mention that I have dry skin, and the Pro-Glow was more of a true match. The 103 is a little too orange for my skin tone.



This foundation stays matte ALL day! Not only does it stay matte all day, but this foundation will last a whole 8 hours without needing a touch-up. Since it’s a matte foundation, it does dry a little quick. It goes on rather smoothly. This is a lot thicker than the Pro-Glow foundation. It has amazing coverage that you can build a full coverage look. Overall, I really like the finish, but since I have dry skin, this sucks all the moisture out of my skin. It feels like a dry clay mask.


I really wanted this foundation to be the holy grail drugstore foundation. I wanted a smooth dewy finished look, but that was not the case. This foundation is MUCH lighter. It was a lighter coverage which makes it not as heavy on the skin. The real issue I had with this foundation is that it emphasizes all my texture. It emphasizes all the pores around my nose and small bumps I have on my cheeks. After several hours of wear, I noticed this foundation starts to break up near my nose. This foundation also did not give me a dewy finish. It had more of a natural finish.

On the left is the PRO-MATTE and on the right is the PRO-GLOW.



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