If you have chapped lips, or simply love a good glow, you need Mysterious Cosmetics products.

GUYS THIS LIPGLOSS IS BOMB! I currently own the glosses pictured below, and I cannot wait to try more. Out of the ones I’ve tried, I always come back to Snow White. It’s so beautiful, and I love the purple reflects! Out of the vanilla or strawberry flavor, I recommend the strawberry. It smells sooo good! I ditched my chapstick for this lipgloss, and my lips are softer than ever! If you need more convincing, this gloss is also vegan, super sparkly, and not sticky. I rest my case.



I know you all are probably all over Rihanna’s Fenty Lipgloss, but this girl’s lipgloss is $4.50! I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather buy FOUR Mysterious Cosmetics lipglosses for $18 than $18 for ONE Fenty lipgloss.


If y’all want a good, affordable highlighter, check out Mysterious Cosmetics. The name says it all.

I don’t have a coupon code, but @makeupbychinaa510 on Instagram does! Use code “Chinaa510” for an even more discounted haul! Follow @mysteriouscosmetics on Instagram for more products.





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